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Super Mario DS: A remake to remind you of your failures


Here’s a little known fact about my younger days: I went through a bit of a rocky patch in my gaming ability around the same time that Nintendo 64 was released, which inevitably unleashed 3D gaming upon a poor, 2D-centric world.  At the time when Mario 64 was released, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I had chased Dr. Robotnic out of town with Sonic and Tails, and Elrood and I were taking the fight to some jerkface aliens in Contra Hard Corps.  But, the moment Mario sprung that third dimension on me without warning, it felt like any ability I might once have had was suddenly and horribly leeched out of me by some cartoony aliens who…  you know what?  No.  I’m not going to make a Space Jam reference.  You’re welcome.

Mario 64 is one of my first failures as a gamer.  I was bad at it.  I was so incredibly bad at it.  So when Nintendo re-released it for DS as the creatively named Super Mario DS, I picked it up. Because apparently it wasn’t embarrassing enough the first time.

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RoboGeisha: The butt-sword duel of the century

I love a good movie, but “good” is a fickle word. Good is used to describe cinematic masterpieces like The Godfather and Metropolis, but fans also describe such B-list bombers as Evil Dead and the Toxic Avenger as good. There are a number of things that can turn an otherwise awful B movie into a good time. First and foremost is friends to share it with. A bad movie is almost always worse without someone to laugh with. That is one of the things that made MST3k so successful, you always had someone to watch the stinkers with. For RoboGeisha I had my fellow foul flick aficionado, Blue Shoes. He was in town for OMGcon, so we thought an intentionally bad Japanese movie was very appropriate. We debated between RoboGeisha and Big Man Japan, but when it came down to it I absolutely had to know what in the world a butt sword was. Continue reading