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Race for the Wool: My OTB is open for bizness

Hello sports fans. I’m not feeling well so I apologize in advance for the following nonsense. This is indeed another Minecraft post, however it is not a post in the traditional sense. One of the more novel experiences in the game of Minecraft is the creation of games within the game. Early on in development a group of players developed a game called Spleef which involved custom-built in-game arenas and was in my opinion comparable to MMA fighting. A bit homoerotic and incredibly boring. Minecraft has also been used for development of adventure maps and so-called parkour maps, or platforming maps as us old fogies would recognize them, and perhaps I will discuss these in a later post. But today I’m here to discuss a unique game within the game. Race for the Wool sets itself apart from other Minecraft games by boiling down the essential elements of Minecraft into a competitive form. The concept popularized by crafter Vechs seems simple enough. Two teams race down mirrored “lanes” to reach three different chests containing different colors of wool. These three wool types must then be returned to the starting point and placed on a “victory monument.” Between the teams and the wool lie several obstacles in the forms of terrain, mobs, traps, and mazes. More importantly PvP is essential and consists of arrow attacks, TNT cannons, and redstone traps. Continue reading


Minecraft: The best incomplete 8-bit game ever

This links to a dumb blog, but it's a great pic

Wow. This must have taken some serious man hours.

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up a naive PC gamer. I was partial to the LucasArts games, Day o f the Tentacle, X-wing, and the like. There’s ┬ánothing like a machine with more input buttons than letters in the alphabet. Not to mention the PC was high-definition with full anti-aliasing before it was cool. So what’s one of the best games on the PC today? I’m arguing ┬áit’s an 8-bit block builder called Minecraft. This indie game is unique in that the game is still in alpha development and is available for sale at half the projected retail price. That’s right! You can own a partially built game that could potentially break your computer. Continue reading