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Sleep deprivation and the consequences therein


So here’s a question for you. Why is it that humans are born without useable teeth? Why must we bear the process of them boring through several layers of tissue before we can use them? The whole concept sounds incredibly painful my daughter clearly agrees. I’m sure my wife finds the process incredibly necessary in order to avoid tissue damage on her end but it does nothing for my sleep habits. Anyway, this post has a high probability of incoherence as a result of three nights of very little sleep. According to this nifty app on my phone I’ve gotten a combined total of five hours of sleep over the last two nights. Continue reading

The Million Dollar Hotel: Mocking art school dropouts for fun and profit

It was an unusual Friday afternoon. I’d been up since 5 and on the news twice…man seeks happiness through many avenues but rather finds it outside the company of those he frequently hates…A slow day really. In my somnolent state I was assaulted by a G-man with three arms and a retarded philosopher. The nuthouse noir rattled my senses…love is the water of the soul. It starts as a trickle and slowly erodes until nothing is left but a wide smooth current dragging down everything in its path…The puzzle box opened and the pieces tumbled out with no consideration for their future placement. The box art lost in a puddle of urine, I found myself struggling to cope with a story entered somewhere beyond the beginning. Continue reading

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Sex, philosophy and awesome thinking

I don’t really read a lot of non-sequitur comics during my obsessive comic checking archive trawls each week.  I’m much more of a story guy, really, and I like knowing that there is a plan.  Its not that I dislike random comics that are unrelated from the previous day, I just don’t have as much of a reason to visit them without a story to drive my motivations.  And plus, the problem with a regularly updated non-sequitur comics is that it’s increasingly rare when an author can make something that is consistently funny day in and day out.   In fact I whoa shit ice cream truck!!!!

Uh, sorry about that.  First ice cream truck of the summer, you know.  I guess since that irritatingly maddening jingle has completely dropped a pot of ruin all over my sweet, thoughtful introduction paragraph, we’ll just get down to brass tacks.  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, written and drawn by Zach Weiner, is the ONLY non-sequitur comic I check daily.  Why?  Because it’s totally awesome, that’s why.

Continue reading

XKCD: Abandon all hope ye who enter

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

Well I’m not going to shout it across the room, come here. Little closer. Closer. Too close……closer. Ok, here it goes. I’m a nerd. There I said it. I posted it on the internet so you know it’s true.

Now that that’s off my chest I have some fabulous news for all of my fellow nerds. There is a comic wholeheartedly dedicated to our plight. XKCD is a physicist’s, mathematician’s, linguist’s, and a systems analyst’s comic all rick rolled into one. I will be the first to admit that I by no means get every reference in the comic, but reading through the archives with a Wikipedia tab close at hand is one of the single greatest pleasures I have had in the past year. Continue reading