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Halo Reach

I’ve never had a meaningful relationship with the Halo franchise.  Having never owned an original Xbox, I missed out on the universe Bungie has painstakingly crafted over the last ten odd years.  I played Halo and Halo 2 multiplayer via friends over the years, but never in a serious way and I never did more than one or two campaign missions.  I picked up Halo 3 because at the time I had just purchased my 360 and was looking for stuff to play.  I enjoyed the game, but felt like I was missing something story wise having not played the first two, so I played through it once, messed with the multiplayer for a few hours, then shelved it.  I share this information because I feel like reviewing a Halo game is a difficult proposition for somebody like me.  There are fanatics (Zealots if you will….I know enough to drop lame puns in this article!) that will enter a state of lunacy at the slightest criticism of their beloved franchise, but honestly, they are probably not reading many reviews anyway, they’re playing the game.  So take this review from a specific perspective:  Is Halo Reach worth buying as a game on its own, aside from all the hype and fanboyism?  The answer is yes, but the game is not flawless as many tout it to be.

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General Mish-Mash: Podcasting with poorly drawn Potatoes

General Mishmash is a REAL man's potato.

Stuff. You talk about it. Sometimes you wish other people talked about it too. Well, we are other people. Presenting the first Faceplant podcast, General Mish-Mash episode 1! We hit some of the hottest topics in the universe today, such as why hammocks are awesome. Seriously. But we also talk about how 3d games will be invading our lives and making them more….expensive? Speaking of expensive, Tophat freaks out and explains why Modern Warfare 2’s DLC is the devil and we’re all idiots. We also hit on some other big games such as Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2, but really sink our teeth into what makes Mass Effect 2 great. And terrible. And also, kinda ehhh. With quick hits on game remakes, developers mailing it in, and many reasons why Enosh sucks, you can’t afford not to listen. Enjoy!  (The voice we referred to as “Peck” is actually “Tophat”.  Don’t ask.) Continue reading