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In defense of the violence

There are better things that I’d rather be arguing about.  That’s the sentiment I feel every single time some random jerk with a gun flies off the handle starts shooting people while shouting comic book quotes.  Every time, it seems like emphasis is placed on what could have been done to prevent a tragedy.  Should we limit guns?  Are comics and video games too violent?  What about movies and TV shows?  What happened to the good old days where no one used guns except for the hunting of deer, only during approved government established hunting times?  What is our government going to do to stop this from happening again?

The intent of this article is not to trivialize the recent events in Aurora, Colorado.  My prayers and deepest condolences go out to all of the victims and their families.  My point is to talk about the violence we see in movies and comics and games each year, in a desperate bid for us to start placing the blame for these horrors on the individuals that cause them, and not on the usual scapegoats.

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DC Universe Online: Loregasm

Seconds later, an epic thumb war battle broke out.

I’ll be honest here- I don’t know much about the lore behind DC Comics.  Much of what I do know comes from cartoons, and the watching of, well into an age where I should have stopped watching comics and started watching, I dunno, Survivor or something equally as terrible.  From these cartoons, as well as a few gems I picked up just randomly over the years, I do know a few things worth noting.  Most of these have to do with superpowers and the people who have them, with no regard to things that are actually happening or have happened in the comics.

Maybe it was my subconscious desire to play Arkham City when it came out compared to an effort to save money for the holiday season, but when Steam announced DC Universe Online was now a free to play, I had to pick it up.  Maybe I’m just a sucker for super hero based MMOs.

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Arkham Asylum: It’s Batman time

I was at work today, minding my own business and thus proving just how awful of a reporter I am when my boss came into my office and dropped off the most recent page he had been working on.  It was the obit page, also known as the dead page, what with all the people who are on there who have allegedly kicked the bucket.  Sometimes, along with their life histories, we have a picture to go with the brief article.

Today I found myself staring into the face of Ras Al Ghul, brilliant genius and enemy of Batman.  From reading the man’s history, I found no traces that he had dedicated most of his long life to the study of thwarting death with the use of the Lazarus pits, nor any word that he had clashed with the bat often during his wheelings and dealings in the modern world.  This made sense to me since here, in reality, Batman rarely fights with anyone in hand to hand combat at all.

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