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Madman: Stare into the infinite with a 1950s flair

So, it turns out that my post about the team of cybernetic pets WE3  and their quest for freedom was marginally more popular than I thought it would be.  Is…  this something that you guys like?  Do you want more reviews of honest to god print comics?  Do…  you want me to do that?  If I knew how to post polls on this site, I would do such things.  As it stands, uh…  blink once for yes and twice for no.

While you do that, I’m going to go ahead and start reviewing Michael Allred’s Madman comics.  This is a series my brother got me for Christmas one year, and last month, a good two years after I came into possession of vol. 1 and 2, I finally buckled down and picked up vol. 3  And then, you know, I read them.  Madman, if you’re coming into the game late, is a comic series that started in the 1990s featuring a modern-day Frankenstein (oh man you are going to hear THE BEST pun in like a few paragraphs.  Just you wait) in his quest to date his swell girlfriend and avoid the group of jerky street beatniks that seem to be all over Snap City.  The only problem?  INFINITY.

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Have you watched Louie?  I’ve seen the first two seasons thanks to the magic of Netflix, but nobody else I know has.  I hear it discussed as a critical darling and the numbers say it’s doing well.  I must be hanging out with the wrong people, because Louie is one of the more fascinating shows on television.  It’s the brainchild of comedian Louis C.K and it I don’t think anything show more perfectly captures the vision of its creator than Louie.

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In defense of the violence

There are better things that I’d rather be arguing about.  That’s the sentiment I feel every single time some random jerk with a gun flies off the handle starts shooting people while shouting comic book quotes.  Every time, it seems like emphasis is placed on what could have been done to prevent a tragedy.  Should we limit guns?  Are comics and video games too violent?  What about movies and TV shows?  What happened to the good old days where no one used guns except for the hunting of deer, only during approved government established hunting times?  What is our government going to do to stop this from happening again?

The intent of this article is not to trivialize the recent events in Aurora, Colorado.  My prayers and deepest condolences go out to all of the victims and their families.  My point is to talk about the violence we see in movies and comics and games each year, in a desperate bid for us to start placing the blame for these horrors on the individuals that cause them, and not on the usual scapegoats.

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Savages is a crazy movie.  It has drugs, sex, but no rock and roll.  The rock and roll is replaced by a totally out of place upbeat ringtone.  It has the young nerdy guy who played the lead in Kick Ass play a buffed out professional weed scientist.  (The movie doesn’t call him that, but I like how it sounds).  It has Blake Lively again proving she’s a real actress by pretending to get really high and really vulnerable (it’s just like The Town!).  This film was directed by Oliver Stone, so going in, I think we all knew it was going to be crazy.  The real question then is:  Is it a good film?  Uuuhh….it is, kind of?

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Sleep deprivation and the consequences therein


So here’s a question for you. Why is it that humans are born without useable teeth? Why must we bear the process of them boring through several layers of tissue before we can use them? The whole concept sounds incredibly painful my daughter clearly agrees. I’m sure my wife finds the process incredibly necessary in order to avoid tissue damage on her end but it does nothing for my sleep habits. Anyway, this post has a high probability of incoherence as a result of three nights of very little sleep. According to this nifty app on my phone I’ve gotten a combined total of five hours of sleep over the last two nights. Continue reading

Beyond Good and Evil: Color coordination and camera angles

Just a girl, a camera, and a deep love for the color green.

Beyond Good and Evil may have come out a console generation ago, but as is often the case with games from the past, its still available to play through the magic of Xbox Live.  Hailed as one of those “very good but under appreciated” games that people can’t seem to EVER shut up about (except me, of course.  I NEVER do that), I picked up this one to see what it’s deal is.  While Beyond Good and Evil is a unique story with a very different way of approaching a problem, you can unfortunately easily peg it as a game of yesteryear.  Namely, through the way that the REAL villain of the game, against whom you will struggle endlessly and futilely, is the dreaded camera angle.  But we’ll get to that in a moment.

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Being scared is fun.  I wrote recently in an article about E3 that I was concerned that legitimate scares are going the way of the dodo in gaming.  Resident Evil has co-op and is more action, Dead Space 3 looks like it’s following that trend more and more every time I read something new about it……where are the scares?  Where is the game that you want to play at night, with the lights off, alone?  What will take you back to that first time you played Resident Evil or Silent Hill and even though the graphics were lame and controls were wonky, you felt like you were THERE and not just sitting in your living room?  Oh, that game is called Slender?  And it’s free, right here on the internet?  Yes.

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