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Have you watched Louie?  I’ve seen the first two seasons thanks to the magic of Netflix, but nobody else I know has.  I hear it discussed as a critical darling and the numbers say it’s doing well.  I must be hanging out with the wrong people, because Louie is one of the more fascinating shows on television.  It’s the brainchild of comedian Louis C.K and it I don’t think anything show more perfectly captures the vision of its creator than Louie.

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The Big Bang Theory: I’ve made an ass out of u and me

When CBS began advertising The Big Bang Theory sometime around 2007 I thought, “Oh no. The 40 Year Old Virgin got his own TV show. The American public can now laugh at nerds in their valiant but futile efforts to reproduce.” And once it got underway I never gave it another thought. A few people at work over the years have encouraged me to watch the show and I’ve flatly ignored them. My wife started watching it a couple weeks ago and obviously I caught a few episodes. Next thing I know it’s the only thing I watch in the evenings thanks to TBS who shows it like four times a night weekdays. Continue reading

Graham Linehan is a very funny fellow, Right!

I made a startling discovery which regular readers who share my imdb obsession may find difficult to believe. It turns out three of my all time favorite British sitcoms were created by the same man. Who would have guessed? While Graham Linehan had absolutely nothing to do with my number one favorite British comedy Spaced, he did develop, write and direct the next three on the list. It just so happens I’ve been following his career without ever noticing. Continue reading

Downton Abbey: A decidedly British affair

I must admit this post has a distinct lack of science and horror in comparison to my usual fair. I’m afraid I’ve gone a bit astray as of late. My wife and I have been enjoying a little British drama known as Downton Abbey. My wife is quite a Jane Austen fan so the idea of a show, or program as the Brits call them, about an Earl and his family fretting over inheritance and the latest social soiree was right up her alley. For me it was the dapper dress and the historical accuracy. Like one-million-pounds-an-episode historical accuracy. Continue reading