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About Tophat

Tophat is the heart and soul of the operation at Faceplant.  Probably.  I’m just going by the process of elimination here, because there’s absolutely no way he’s the brains of the operation.    In fact, the only reason why he’s writing this in third person is because that’s the way Enosh wrote in his bio page, and to be honest Tophat isn’t too sure if that’s supposed to be like, a theme or something.

Online blogging is weeeeird.

Okay, so Tophat doesn't really actually have a tophat, or a monocle, or even a mustache. He finds these things hilarious, though. Not really sure why.

Tophat has been a writer since he could string together words.  Or more accurately, since he taught himself how to type in a word processor at a young age.  This was accomplished without the aid of keyboard slavedriver Mavis Bacon, despite the program’s irritating habit to just start popping up here and there around the house, the mocking gaze of Mavis infiltrating all rational thought.  Even today, Tophat swears he can feel her accusing eyes on him, as if the program is still lurking around his apartment, just out of the corner of his eye.

But hey!  This isn’t supposed to be about Mavis Bacon, that bitch and her fascist typing regimes!  (Though if you’re finding yourself under her oppressive, tyrannical gaze, stay strong, brother.  You’ll make it through the dark.  Someday.)

Anyway, Tophat is a bit of a hermit, locked up in his apartment with a stack of video games, a Netflicks account, a passing connection to the internet, and a deep love for stories.  For quite some time he was the sole creative mind of a rather cruddy website full of mouse-drawn stick figure drawings made with Microsoft Paint, though he doesn’t dabble so much in that anymore.  Honestly, he started getting a little disturbed and freaked out at just how good those crappy little drawings started to get.  To this day you’ll find some of his creative projects interspersed in some of the articles that appear here on Faceplant.  Just…  try to ignore how awesome they are, please.

After years of hearing people talk about how video games and comics are not a legitimate media, Tophat banded together with Elrood, whom he has known since fourth grade, and Enosh, whom he has hated since he met, in order to prove them wrong.

Tophat and Elrood may or may not be fighting right now.  Only Elrood’s mom knows for sure.

Tophat shies away from anything overly formal, and often makes fun of Enosh for being too pretentious about everything from wine tasting events to Octoberfest.  He’s easily distracted and has an overactive imagination, which he hopes comes across as endearing instead of crazy.

His mediums of choice are comics and video games, with a dash of movies and a whole lotta commentary.  He enjoys reading books as well, though he hasn’t really done a review on them just yet since writing book reviews gives him middle school flashbacks.

Tophat also has a second blog, wherein he talks about stuff that doesn’t really fit into the format of Faceplant, which oftentimes includes the development of Faceplant itself (so meta!)  Check it out at http://fivedegreesoftophat.wordpress.com/

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