• So I hear you’re bored.

    That's okay. Some of history's greatest heroes were once bored, and they went on to do great things. You? Probably not so much. You might be able to score a coffee from Starbucks or something if you can get out of bed before they close. In the meantime, why not read some of these sweet entertainment reviews? Maybe you'll find something to help you fight back against the boredom. Maybe you'll find coffee. Probably not coffee. But maybe.
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About Elrood

From deep within his underground bunker, Elrood lurks and waits for the day.  Not Tuesday.  Not when Lavos shows up.  But the day when his internet prowess will burst forth in an explosion of posts on a small blog, in which he will rain down truth bombs on an unsuspecting public.  Because video games MATTER.  More than most will ever know.  More than you are willing to admit, even to yourself.  If that makes you feel strange or scared, it should.  It’s pretty freaking nerdy.

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