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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: Whedon fever

This isn’t so much a discussion of another Joss Whedon project as it is another attempt to prove the adage that misery loves company. Don’t get me wrong. Watching Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was far from a horrible experience. In fact, a parody of the vlog phenomenon in a super villain format is really the only way to successfully mock the short comings of the format. Everybody loves to cheer for the bumbling would be evil genius whose plans to better the world through domination as he is constantly thwarted by a man the public has misunderstood as a hero. The trouble starts when that little ball starts bouncing.

Actually. Despite the title there is little in the way of singing along. There’s no bouncing ball to follow or lyrics scrolling across the screen. Instead we have Andrew Lloyd Weberian musical numbers. The tunes are excessively catchy and the lyrics clever and funny. But they are also derivative in the extreme. Perhaps that’s why they’re so catchy. We’ve heard them all before. I’ve had them stuck in my head all week. What can I say. Nathan Fillion’s voice is so dreamy. I can’t hear it without being reminded of quirky phrases like, “Seems to me last time there was a chance for a little palabra we were all manner of unwelcome.”

The fact is the whole thing feels like an inside joke presented after finals at senior year drama school. Or maybe the sketch the staff gives after the campers have gone home for the summer. The actors clearly took on the project with no intention of taking their roles seriously in a comedic sense. They’re just going for pure, unadulterated, over acting. Fillion is clearly loving hamming up his chauvinistic self-centered role and Neil Patrick Harris. Well strangely enough he seems to be playing Barney Stinson. If Barney’s cheese was over-ripened to the point of being off-putting. As my wife put it, with his impeccable suit he’s suave, debonair, and charming and in a hooded sweatshirt he’s just a dork. That really does seem to be the only difference between the two.

The only girl to ever get that look on her face while talking to Neil Patrick Harris. Seriously. They do know he’s gay right?

What’s crazy is this whole charade is so over the top it leaves the audience feeling like their in on the joke. We get it. It’s funny. Not just funny. Hilarious. Absolutely entertaining. All the cheese comes together to make everything better and give us a completely watchable 42 minutes. Honestly the only thing that would make it better besides a nose job Felicia Day, I’m sorry it had to be said, is more of Dr. Horrible and further development of the characters. Particularly Simon Helberg’s character. The poor guy doesn’t even have the benefit of action like Mr. Mister. When he gets pissed you only get moist if you can’t outrun the little asthmatic dork. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to know more about the Thoroughbred of Sin? But sadly like all of Whedon’s best work it is short-lived.

Oh. And speaking of Felicia Day. Doesn’t she look exactly like Karen Gillan with giant nostrils? And in a weird twist if you do an image search on Bing for Amy Pond the number three result, as of my writing this, is a picture of Fillion and Whedon’s favorite hedonistic sex symbol Jewel Staite. Turns out she played a girl named Amy Pond on Supernatural. A show I’ve never had an interest in until just now. I’m sorry. This is starting to turn into Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon run amok.


6 Responses

  1. Oh dear. Well, I loved Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog (they were supposed to be working on a prequel or sequel or something, but maybe that’s not happening anymore). Almost anything Joss Whedon did is amazing. Can’t top Firefly, that’s for sure.

    • Oh dear? Did I go completely off the rails with this one?

  2. Haha, no. I just feel bad for all the Joss Whedon shows that don’t have enough time to develop properly. I’m so glad Avengers turned out awesome – maybe they’ll stop canceling his shows after one season now!

    • I thought I hit reply… apparently not.

      • Oh did he do the Avengers? I sort of lost interest in all the superhero movies. Disney is clearly abusing their Marvel privileges. Also, you likely did hit reply but the comment nesting is limited in this context.

  3. Yeah, he wrote and directed it. It’s awesome, methinks.

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