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Corporate Skull: Company secrets or random debauchery?

I haven’t reviewed a comic for a while!  Not sure what’s up with that, but I’ll fix this right up on the double.  For quite some time now I’ve been aware of the existence of Corporate Skull, but it has only been recently that I decided to take a look at what this comic has to offer.  Written and drawn by Jamie Smart, it turns out that Corporate Skull is all about office shenanigans, the fine art of not giving a shit, and a heaping helping of inappropriate humor.  Basically, it turns out I should have been reading it for a lot longer than I have.

I'd vote for him. Wait, do you even vote for Prime Ministers? Damn you, American xenophobia!

The premise of Corporate Skull is this:  Once upon a time there was a sad sack man named Alan who worked as a telemarketer at Curb Pharmaceuticals.  After some shenanigans, Alan’s face is tragically ripped off in a horrific photocopier accident, which serves as a bit of a wake up call.  He promptly renames himself as just Skull and then dedicates the rest of his time to doing whatever the hell it is that he wants to be doing at any given point.

Most of the time this involves destroying the property of or beating up his arrogant and ignorant coworker Texas (whose last name is Chainsaw, for the record).  This is accomplished with the use of some spectacular inappropriate humor, violence, and possibly nudity.  Though honestly, Smart draws each of the characters so cartoony, it doesn’t really feel like its something pornographic.  Still, this is probably not something that you’re going to want to be showing the pope.  Or your grandparents, I guess.

But despite being an avatar of apathy and annoyance around the office, Skull can’t seem to get himself fired.  He quickly becomes the top seller of the company, even earning recognition from the Prime Minister himself.  Also, Skull is somewhat of an oddity.  It feels like Curb Pharmaceuticals want to keep him around for another reason, so day in and day out Skull comes back to work.  And that’s irritating for a man who wants nothing more than to get fired.

If that was all Corporate Skull had to offer- just random scenes of Skull running around and being shockingly horrible to everyone, this comic wouldn’t be nearly as compelling.  But Skull himself is having more trouble adjusting to his new form than he lets on.  And for some reason, his company could quite possibly be up to some really sketchy shit.  Slowly, ever so slowly, Skull’s overruling desire to not give two shits about his job evolve into a half assed quest to find some answers.

Half assed on Skull’s part, mind you.  Sure there’s a mystery going on, but why the hell should Skull care?  He’s got better shit to be doing, you know.

Sometimes I'm just as productive at work as Skull

Smart does a wonderful job of crafting together a seemingly epic tale, and makes it somehow the background of Skull just being Skull.  The comic is building up to something, but what that might be is pretty inscrutable at the moment.  Odds are though, Skull is going blow it all up in the end.  It’s kind of his thing.

The characters and scenery are done in a very charming and almost cute way (its cute right until you start thinking about what some of the things you’re seeing are.  Then it becomes hilarious) that creates a very unique comic.  Sure you can find in your face comics with tons of swearing on the internet, but not all of them are going to be this well drawn.

Ultimately, the decision on whether or not I’ll keep up with Corporate Skull depends on how often Smart updates.  Currently, the comic states that it “updates sometimes” which usually doesn’t do well for story progression in large-scale, epic story comics.  But the tale of Corporate Skull is so compelling, I have a feeling that, while I may not check it regularly while waiting for updates, this is definitely something I’m going to follow through until the end.

Sometimes all you need to improve your life is to have your face grotesquely ripped off in a freak accident working at a job you hate.  Now there is a motivational poster I need.


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