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Reddit: Great for Minecraft, hit or miss for comics

submit to reddit I’m new to Reddit. I wasn’t there in the beginning and I don’t know anything about its purported decline. I have no dog in that fight. After a few weeks of fiddling around with the site I have found it surprisingly addicting. Though I suppose I should not be as surprised as I was. After all, I’ve always been a big fan of reading random things on the internet. Originally I checked out the site, which could be described as a collection of rateable headlines for an incredibly wide variety of topics, as a means for gathering information on the webcomic industry.

This plan failed miserably.

Sure, there’s a section devoted to webcomics, and it includes a substantial list of the “who’s who” of the industry. But the “headlines” themselves do not always lead me to where I want to go. For the first few days I used the site I found the same website linked all the time and the cream of this publicly rated crop of comics were mediocre at best. Persistence pays off and I did manage to find a few gems among the rubble, but more importantly I learned quite a bit about reddit and its quirky little alien logo. For those unfamiliar, all of the “headlines” are user submitted and they are ranked in a number of ways. Particularly in the comics section “what’s hot” is not as useful as “top rated” and “controversial” just means not enough people have voted one way or another or a flame war is underway.

For the most part the comics on reddit are by struggling artists just starting new strips. Occasionally you’ll find a fan submitted comic from a more established artist. This brings me back to why we started Faceplant in the first place. There a lot of bad comics out there. A lot. And as such there’s really no reason why everyone should have to sort through thousands of Marmadukes and For Better or Worse reruns before they find the funnies worth reading. We at Faceplant are working hard to make that happen by searching out only the finest comics the web has to offer then sharing them with you. Reddit does not seem to share our goal in this regard.

Where I have found reddit to be most useful is in Minecraft related discussions.  The Minecraft community has a strong presence on reddit with participation from at least two of the Mojang employees. It’s got everything you could want in an online community. Humor, information, movers and shakers. I get to see some absolutely incredible construction and get a little inspiration. You might be thinking, “oh great another screenshot dumping ground” but it’s much more than that. There’s jokes and news, and even a sub reddit for inventions. And this isn’t your good Doctor Forrester‘s invention exchange. The top rated ones actually work and mystify the imagination.

Where the rating system fails in the webcomics section it seems to flourish among the Minecrafters. Both the “what’s hot” and “top rated” sections contain quality links that will keep me from internet boredom for hours.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. BADUM DA. Though I really wish you would. Sure, I don’t have a cool visor over my eyes, but I’ve been around the internet a few times and I wasn’t going warp speed so I actually saw what I flew past. Though if you have some reddit tips AHEM sky AHEM. I’d love to hear them. Sorry, my headache has apparently developed into a cough. I’d better go lie down.


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