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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Sex, philosophy and awesome thinking

I don’t really read a lot of non-sequitur comics during my obsessive comic checking archive trawls each week.  I’m much more of a story guy, really, and I like knowing that there is a plan.  Its not that I dislike random comics that are unrelated from the previous day, I just don’t have as much of a reason to visit them without a story to drive my motivations.  And plus, the problem with a regularly updated non-sequitur comics is that it’s increasingly rare when an author can make something that is consistently funny day in and day out.   In fact I whoa shit ice cream truck!!!!

Uh, sorry about that.  First ice cream truck of the summer, you know.  I guess since that irritatingly maddening jingle has completely dropped a pot of ruin all over my sweet, thoughtful introduction paragraph, we’ll just get down to brass tacks.  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, written and drawn by Zach Weiner, is the ONLY non-sequitur comic I check daily.  Why?  Because it’s totally awesome, that’s why.

Okay, so, apparently there’s no spell check on Earth that actually recognizes non-sequitur as a thing.  I figured I’d do some research and just post the results here.  From Wikipedia, of course.  What?  This is the internet!  You didn’t actually expect me to do some kind of legitimate research did you?  Lordy.

A non-sequitur is:  an irrelevant, often humorous comment to a preceding topic or statement.  It’s also the name of a comic that runs in the actual, honest to god newspapers, and is also apparently the name of an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, though I am unmotivated to find out what the deal is with Star Trek.

Anyway, as you might have gathered, SMBC is updated seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Comics range from single panel stand-alone gags to multiple panel shenanigans that hash out some of the more hilarious and little known aspects about philosophy, math, science, and human interations.  What this means to the outside observer is that every now and then you’ll be hit with a comic you don’t understand, or a comic or two where people aren’t really wearing pants, or masturbation jokes and other uncomfortable topics.  But the way Weiner presents them in SMBC is hilarious.  Each comic implies that humanity is, by itself, intrinsically and utterly hosed when it comes to long term planning, the future, and even our ability to reason out why we do the things we do.  It’s one of the most inexplicably deep comics I’ve ever had the pleasure to stumble across, which is weird to say about a comic that I was initially wary of, what with all of those aforementioned masturbation comics.

Don’t get me wrong here.  SMBC isn’t really not safe for work.  You’re not going to see below some guy’s waist, or get more than a head shot of the women.  There’s no graphic depictions of sex, but once again, it’s present.  I mean, you’re really probably not going to want to have your boss reading it over your shoulder.  Nor would you feel comfortable reading some of Weiner’s comics with your aged grandmother donating to the Orphaned Nun Society in the room next door.  But if you’re somewhere relatively safe, and not too prone to taking offense when someone makes fun of religion, sex, philosophy and history, SMBC is a laugh riot.

Well, maybe “making fun” is a bit strong.  Sure, humor is presented against each of these institutions.  But it’s more like watching as Weiner takes a very objective look at each of these things and then breaks them down to their basest elements.

The art in each comic is cartoony, but works given the medium that’s presented.  Okay, I guess I already gave you the two reasons to read this:  It’s consistently funny (and simply confusing on the off days) and it updates every day.  Also, you don’t have to worry about an archive trawl to get yourself up to date on the plot.  There isn’t one!  A plot, I mean.   There’s an archive.  A very, very large and intimidating archive.  But it’s not necessary, not until you get to that point where you have read all the comics of the week and need something light to tide you into the next week.

And for those of you who don’t really visit the comic scene, might I direct you to some funny videos?  Weiner and a team full of comedians and actors also are responsible for a series of random videos on the internet, titled SMBC theater.   I haven’t had the chance to go through all the videos they have posted just yet, but the ten or so I have watched have either been hilarious, depressingly hilarious, or uncomfortably hilarious, with a lot of the same topics you can expect to see in Weiner’s comics.  From the life of a LOLcat 50 years later (his rendition of “keyboard cat” had me on the floor) to a plumber with certain…  expectations, each video is also worth checking out.

Now where’d that ice cream truck get to?  Nevermind, I’ll find it.


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