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Alien Loves Predator: Extraterrestrial bromance in the Big Apple

You’ve seen them slaughter groups of marines, entire spaceship crews and devour unsuspecting comic relief characters.  They’ve faced off numerous times on the silver screen, killing hundreds in a blood lust before the humans wised up and, I dunno, shot them with guns or something.  But can they peacefully share an apartment in new York together?  Alien Loves Predator, written by Bernie Hou attempts to answer this age-old question.

Alien Loves Predator originally went live on Oct. 14, 2004 and has been updating irregularly ever since.  This is actually a comic I’ve been following on and off for about four years, as I’ve found it definitely pays off to let the updates accumulate and plow through them all in one chunk.  Comics range from the individual, silly stand alone comics to big, overarching plot lines that can last upwards of ten to fifteen updates before they’re resolved.  More or less.

To make matters worse, those Predator Vs. Alien movies were awful!

Abe and Preston aren’t just genetic rivals, they’re best bros, lifelong chums living together in a dingy apartment in New York City that Abe seems dedicated to destroying piece by piece. It’s a different New York City than the one we’re used to, where political correctness now includes our brothers from the stars, dating a 20 foot tall hideous alien queen is socially acceptable, and Jesus is the star player of the Yankees.

Okay, so it’s different, but not by much.

As web comic formulas go, Alien Loves Predator is pretty standard.  Preston is a somewhat nerdy predator who thinks he’s a lot more in tune with his master hunter heritage than he actually is, as he seems to have a hard time even ordering Chinese food without confusion.  Abe is a naïve, kinda dumb, hyperactive horn dog who gets the two in more trouble than not.  Many of the comics focus on Abe and Preston sitting around their apartment or walking the streets, commenting on New York City, baseball, or girls, with a rotating cast of extras like Bill Clinton, Jesus, or sentient body odors.

If you're ever being chased by the cops in a subway, Jesus has your back.

Where Alien Loves Predator really shines, however, is in how well Abe and Preston fit into the daily hustle and bustle of the city.  The two ride subways, deal with completely unnecessary delays, fight traffic, go apartment hunting, and go out to eat like the best, most seasoned of New Yorkers.  That’s not to say they’re completely unnoticed by the humans in the city.  Every now and then someone will blurt out a derogatory statement at them, usually before fleeing or assaulting one of them, and then vanish back into the shadows.  Just like in New York.

To mix things up every now and then, Bernie Hou throws plot lines into the general scheme of Alien Loves Predator, including visits from Abe’s kid brothers Boris and Zeev or his mother, Preston’s awful attempts at romance, or Abe’s ham handed and inappropriate attempts at speed dating.  I find myself really enjoying the little mini plots when we get them, as they give Abe and Preston something new to deal with in an extremely tolerant city.

Dammit, side table.

The speed dating segments are mostly stand alone comics, where Abe humiliates himself by blowing every chance he gets.  These segments would actually be pretty depressing, if they weren’t friggin’ hilarious.  Plus, I don’t think Abe really knows what he’s supposed to be doing during those eight minute dates.

Honestly, the only negative thing I have to say about this comic is that it takes a long time for updates to flow in.  Currently, the comic is running at “an update every 1 to 2 weeks” which is extremely rough, especially when Hou drops us face first into an epic storyline where Will Smith is the first black president.  I’d love to see more of this comic, but alas, I understand that real life can be awful for the creative process.

That being said, ALP has some of the wittiest dialogue I’ve seen in a web comic, and there’s just enough reality sprinkled in there that Abe and Preston can comment on world affairs.  At first I thought this comic was going to get a little too political for my taste, but when I realized that people from both ends of the political spectrum were getting ripped on, I was okay with it.  This is definitely a comic to pick up, just don’t expect the updates to suddenly jump up to more than like two a month.

The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire!

Oh yeah, other side note:  ALP doesn’t shy away from those naughty words.  If you’re, you know, fourteen, you might not want to read this with mom and dad looking over your shoulder.  Some curse words are about all you can expect to find here, though, so it should be otherwise work-safe.  Jeepers!

Anyway, check out Alien Loves Predator and see a side to two of the deadliest hunters the galaxy has ever known that you never thought you’d see.


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