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Boat Crime: It takes a community to make a comic

I read some comics for their epic storylines or outrageous battles. Others I read for their hilarious one-liners. Still others I enjoy for their ability to inform and challenge me. I read Boat Crime for the reader comments. A lot of the comics produce the hum drum FIRST POST! crap we’ve all come to know and loathe, but there are several gems that produce hilarity from a variety of intelligent people, not all of whom are trolling. Though even the trolls are funny. I think they would be a lot funnier if I knew the game they were playing but then my net cred would be much higher than it currently is. I consider myself lucky to know what trolling is and can recognize semi-accurately. Check out Ned Lestor for a good example.Where was I? Oh yes. Boat Crimes. I feel I should mention off the bat that this comic is not G rated, though it’s far from the NSFW and generally disturbing comics coming out of Japan that seem to always involve sea creatures and teenagers. That being said, Boat Crime’s comics may occasionally involve discussion of “adult situations” and swears.

Now, many of the comics themselves are very funny on their own. They make poignant observations about many aspects of life and can be ironic enough to make me chuckle.

Why don't wizards heal people?

You make a valid argument Fry!

Artists West and Tony began Boat Crime as a bit of non sequitur, a side project to their main comic Amazing Super Powers. The quirky humor sometimes requires background knowledge of certain movies or cult culture or pop culture but most nerds should have no problem recognizing the references. The artwork is entertaining and varied, as part of Wes and Tony’s experiment.

Each comic includes a bit of comment from the creators and this often sparks conversations. A Jurassic Park comic, for example, led to an in-depth discussion on the plant life present in the park, both in the movie and the book, and a discussion on the eating habits of male vs. female mosquitoes. While this is interesting in and of it self, the comments for the following comic made struggle to contain my laughter at work. Much more so than the comic itself. The clever humor of the avid Boat Crime followers is not something I have found common on the internet. Certainly not in the plebeian filled forums I seem to gravitate towards.


“Next we’ll observe the effects of sledgehammers on lab mice.” -Alfred N. Moose

People like Moose and Snake Oil Baron raise the humor bar and make this other wise average comic worth reading. Also, I love how the scientist in the first panel seems to hate the fact that he is being made to test such an idiotic hypothesis.

Of course there is a major flaw in all this. Since Boat Crime launched in June of 2009 it has updated all of 43 times. So it is by no means a regular. Fortunately West and Tony are well versed in the ways of the internet and kindly provide an RSS feed for those of us who would otherwise check the site compulsively daily. That’s right Tophat, I’m talking to you.


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