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Rooster Teeth comics: Diversification isn’t always good

Are you a halo fanboy? Do you own every Halo game from Combat Evolved to a pre-order of REACH? Then you’ve heard of Red Versus Blue. You’ve probably played griffball. Have you read the Rooster Teeth comic from the creators of RVB? Oh, well then you can skip a couple of paragraphs. For the fortunate ones, let me just say, lay off this one. It’s just awful. You remember when you were a kid and your dad would give you the paper when he was finished with it? You’d quick flip to the comics section and read all your favorites like Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. Then after you had you perused all your favorites you dwindle down to the likes of Marmaduke and Dennis the Menace. The Rooster Teeth comics fall squarely in the latter category. There are some occasional one liners but you read it because it’s Tuesday or Thursday and you’ve read all your favorite comics for the day. This non-sequitur full color comic follows the Rooster Teeth staff as they go about poking fun at different aspects of newly released video games and the unconventional politics of a modern web production office. They also throw in a few pop culture references and political jokes just to change it up. Of course halo is the most recurring video game in the comic, but halo machinima is what they’re famous for. Now, when I say non-sequitur, most of the comics are one-off jokes, but the characters’ personalities are built up through the course of the life of three-year and counting comic. There are occasional storyline series, but they do not last longer than five comics. As far as I can tell, nearly all characters in the series are based on real people who work for Rooster Teeth and some of their spouses. This is emphasized through the Rooster Teeth shorts video series.

The gang finds Bill

Poor guy had his last rites read by a raging alcoholic

So really you can see that RT, which I keep typing as TR for some reason, comics is not much more than a typical gamer comic. At least, a typical gamer comic that occasionally delves into sports, movies, music, and making fun of Texas. They do like to make fun of their home state.

The art is very well done, which is not something that can be said for a lot of comics in this vein. Every one is done in color and the characters resemble the real people they are based one. The video game characters also look like themselves. The art is actually quite clean and one of the strongest parts of the comic.

The commentary on the video games, and really every subject touched in the series, is not particularly poignant or profound. It is observational on a Seinfeld level without the innovation.

They make fun of people visiting them at a con

Haha, wait. That's not all that funny.

It relies heavily on the pre-comic celebrity status of its characters. The biggest issue, really, is the fact that its only occasionally funny. Reading through the archives I think I chuckled at maybe one out of every six or so comics. And it’s only a ha-ha kind of funny. It is by no means a lol funny, and it’s certainly not a rofl funny. As I say, it is at least funny enough that if you have nothing better to do with your time it might be worth sifting through to find the occasional dime. And come to think of it, if your reading my opinion about a webcomic you clearly don’t have anything better to do. So go ahead, give it a try. Just don’t expect to find anything amazing here.

I would say they should stick with making videos, but RVB hasn’t been funny since they left Blood Gulch. Oh well.


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