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MadWorld is a dud world

If you’re looking for a bit of the ultraviolence you could do worse than MadWorld. You could also do much, much better.

In a society that has seen it all when it comes to violence, MadWorld is rather boring spectacle. Had this been released on the Playstation (numero uno I mean) and been made to compete for your hard-earned duckets against the likes of Mortal Kombat and Twisted Metal it could be considered horrifyingly brutal and therefore socially relevant. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t because those two titles could be considered graphical peers, or very nearly. It would have lost to those two anyway because its single player only. But, this being 2010 and not 1995 the game is competing with such horrifyingly brutal titles as Manhunt and that came out seven years ago. Come to think of it the plot lines are similar, but that’s neither here nor there.

MadWorld is a Sega game for the wii who’s main focus is killing people with as much creativity as possible. Unfortunately, you really only need to play through the first level to get all the game has to offer. The game is set in a futuristic Manhattan which has been taken over by terrorists. The terrorists are paying everyone on Manhattan to kill each other with as much brutality as they can muster while they broadcast the spectacle to the masses 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The broadcast is made complete by two wise cracking commentators who can’t be heard at all during the action itself. This results in some pretty weird dialogue as you catch the ends of conversations.

The game art looks like it was done by the spawn of  Akira Yasuda and Frank Miller ala Frankenstein. Obviously the Wii’s weak graphics engine hurts the look of the characters, giving them a clunky, cubie kind of face, but the designers capitalized on this by making the entire game in black and white, with the exception of the red red krovvy. This gives the game a mild artistic quality that does seem to detract from the lack of high-definition.

Very dead

Creativity is a bit of stretch, but there are a lot of ways to kill someone

Gameplay is a little more involved than “flail your arms around.” At least they try to make you think that at first. The first fight shows you how to awkwardly grab your opponents and impale them on things with hilarious consequences. I say awkwardly because the Wii still doesn’t have that one to one motion ratio. I suppose that’s a benefit to little kids with stubby arms, but for full size adult me it’s been nothing but a hindrance. This is especially true for Wii boxing. I’ve boxed in real life and am fully capable throwing some hard fast punches. Unfortunately doing so overloads the Wii’s itty-bitty processor and I end up getting my butt kicked by some glass jawed NPC.

Anyway, back to MadWorld. There are several different ways to kill people with objects such as trash cans, sign posts, toilets (think swirly of death) or you could go all Ash Williams on them with your chainsaw.

A chainsaw to the kidneys

As you would expect, a chainsaw makes a bit of mess

There is a not so subtle hint at a plot, you are gasp! not some super killing machine who thrives on the jeers of your fans, but instead you are a rouge agent entering the city to reclaim it for the powers that be.  There might be more to it than that but I didn’t really pay attention. The predictability was almost as mind numbing as the violence.

There are also mini games throughout each level that require you to kill a certain number of people using a particular machine in a certain amount of time. The first such mini game is a contest to see how many guys you can throw into a jet engine without getting sucked in yourself. There is a seemingly invincible pimp, or several stupid ones who comes out and explains each of these games before being killed by his girls as a demonstration. As I said, this happens every time and so the novelty wears off after the second one.

There are some vehicles in the later levels but they are nothing special and the boss fights are tedious once you figure out their weakness a la Zelda. Except MadWorlds bosses show of their weaknesses more than King Hippo.

I guess what I’m saying is MadWorld is a boring game that brings nothing new to the table. The thought of talking about it further fills me pure, unadulterated dread. So, if you don’t mind getting the lights when you leave I’m just gonna go watch A Clockwork Orange. See some quality ultraviolence.


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