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Axe Cop: Chopping off heads and winning our hearts

What do you get when put a six-year-old in charge of writing a comic? You get the Desperado of police thrillers. Axe Cop isn’t over just any top. This unibaby has shot right over Mt. Everest. Drawn by Ethan Nicolle and written by his five-year old brother Malachai, Axe Cop is the perfect blend of fun ink and pen and sheer insanity.

Most five-year old boys, and a lot of girls, I know tell amazing stories about superheroes doing strange things in the name of justice, but few are able to maintain the storyline for five months and keep any sort of continuity. Whether it is through coaxing from his older brother or not, the continuity and pseudo-logic the storyline follows is impressive. Readers ride along with Axe Cop as he drives a bus with no steering on rollercoaster tracks of insanity. It’s  impossible to predict and the results are sheer awesome.

Axe Cop is very new but when you launch with the kind of awesomeness you see below, it doesn’t take long to become an internet sensation.

Axecop finds his axe and recruits flute cop. They fight dinosaurs.

The birth of awesomeness

Axe Cop goes off the deep end from the word go and never stops swimming for the next continent. You never know what will happen next and whatever you do don’t let any blood, whether it be animal or vegetable, spill on you or you will be transformed.

Axe Cop kills bad guys all day and all night, but is not above taking time out of his busy day to answer the more than 4,000 questions he’s received from readers. The Ask Axe Cop segments produce some of the funniest content on the site such as the gem below. They also produce some of the most “written by a five-year-old moments, such as when Axe Cop discovers that Abraham Lincoln is a boy or when he decides to turn Sockarang into a girl with a unicorn wish so he can marry the subsequent her. There is a sense of naivety about the comic that I think adds to the fun. After all, what six-year-old wants to hang out with a girl?


Axe Cop is not above stealing from monkeys

Of course all of Malachai’s ideas would lose something without Ethan’s artwork. He does an excellent job bringing Malachai’s imagination to life. In addition to creating some fabulous characters, the action sequences really jump and despite what Ethan says, he is very good at drawing realistic looking cars, even when they’re being tossed about by exploding duck eggs. As with all internet comics, the artwork develops over time and Axe Cop has come a long way in five months, as you most likely notice contrasting Axe Cop #1 to Ask Axe Cop #27.

One of the biggest drawbacks associated with working with children, especially in creative endeavors they are driving, is that when the boy’s not interested there just isn’t any new content. Ethan has said in interviews that he only gets the storyline from Malachai when Malachai calls him with ideas and this brings up a topic of discussion among fans and dissenters. Some sites have accused Ethan of exploiting his little brother for personal gain. Ethan has detailed the writing process and explained that Malachai is getting his share of the profits from merchandising, so I certainly see nothing to worry about. All I see is a completely over the top comic that is really what all of us wished we could do when we were Malachai’s age. I know I was very frustrated as a kid that I could not put my ideas on paper in a way that was meaningful to the world as a whole, so really Ethan is doing his brother a huge favor.

So if you’re looking for zany fun with plenty of exploding bad guys get out and enjoy Axe Cop. Don’t forget to show him your forward kick, he might be needing more teammates very soon.


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